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Erna Hoch

Erna Hoch (born 1919) was from Basle. After spending some time in England, a women's army corps assignment in WWII, Erna Hoch studied medicine at the University of Basle and then trained as a psychiatrist. From 1956, she worked in various clinics in India. From 1969-1980, she was medical director and professor of psychiatry in the only psychiatric hospital in the province of Cashmere. In 1988, Erna Hoch returned to Switzerland to live in the Tessin. She wrote many specialist articles and wrote the book "Sources and Resources".

In the archive of her documents there are many photographs of her life abroad:

Image caption:
Photo: 657, Erna Hoch, 1, 142-002

Snake charmer

Image caption:
Photo: 657, Erna Hoch, 1, 142-006

Procession Cape Comorin 1957

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