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The Gosteli Foundation differentiates between the archives of women’s organisations and women’s associationsarchives of private individualsbiographical notes and the library. Together, these records document the many-faceted activities of Swiss women since the late 19th century.

These women’s organisations and individual women, some well-known and others not, played and still play an active and crucial role in politics, business, education, culture, society and the family. Even before women had the vote, many institutions and individuals lobbied not only for women’s rights but for a fair welfare state and for Switzerland to be a prime location for education and business.

Apart from written documents, the archives also hold many photographs, slides, films and electronic data. A collection of posters calling for women to be given the vote illustrates the tough battle that Swiss women had for their political rights.

The archive inventories provide comprehensive information on the archives:

Inventory of the archives of organisations (PDF)

Inventory of the archives of private individuals (PDF)

In our extensive library, you will find books, brochures, periodicals and academic works.

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