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Gosteli-Stiftung - Archiv zur Geschichte der schweizerischen Frauenbewegung

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Archive on the history of women in Switzerland

Welcome to the Women's Archive

If you only want to focus on the media, you could be under the impression that there have been twenty, perhaps thirty able women in Switzerland who committed themselves to women's issues. And yet there are hundreds and thousands of them.

from the 1983 annual report published by the Bund Schweizerischer Frauenorganisationen [Association of Swiss Women's Organisations], p. 8

The Gosteli foundation, established in 1982 by Marthe Gosteli, and the history archive on the Swiss women's movement aim to commemorate the many forgotten women in the country's history, to keep the memory of their efforts alive and to anchor this firmly in the public consciousness. The Gosteli foundation is a repository for over 400 collections from women's organisations, associations and individual women who have played an important role in politics, the economy, education, culture, society and the family.



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