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We ensure that many of these women are never forgotten by preserving archival bequests and making them available for research. As a sponsor, you can provide a year’s symbolic support for the conservation of the archives of the woman you choose to sponsor.

Sponsorship costs vary between CHF 100.-- and 2'000.-- depending on the extent of the archive materials. For only CHF 50.-- a year, you can sponsor the dossier of your choice from our collection of biographical notes.

Unless you instruct us otherwise, you will be mentioned on our website and in our annual report by name and with further details of your sponsorship.

Before the sponsorship period ends, you will be sent an non-binding invitation to continue.

Here you will find a list of women you may wish to sponsor (PDF)

Here you will find the biographical notes

A sponsorship arrangement makes an ideal gift. When you apply, we will send you a personal gift certificate.

If you would like to support the archives on the history of the Swiss women’s movement with a sponsorship arrangement, contact us by using the contact form or give us a call.

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Our sponsors

  • Peter Aerne (Marie Speiser, Elisabeth Thommen)
  • Christoph Auer (Elisabeth Pletscher)
  • Olga Bobrowska-Braccini (Lina Bögli)
  • Christine Burckhardt-Seebass (Eva Bernoulli)
  • Eric Burnand (Emilie Gourd)
  • Isabelle Brunner (Helene Stucki)
  • Monique Brunner (Emmi Bloch)
  • Patrizia Crivelli (Margrit Linck-Daepp)
  • Maya Doetzkies (Berta Rahm)
  • Dorothee Doswald-Kuhlmann (Emma Coradi-Stahl)
  • Ehemaligenverein der Gartenbauschule Hünibach (Gärtnerinnenschule Hünibach)
  • Verena Fankhauser (Gertrud Lutz-Fankhauser)
  • Frauenverein Ittigen (Helene Stucki, Ida Somazzi, Marie Boehlen, Kunigund Feldges-Oeri)
  • Gemeinnütziger Frauenverein Schöftland (Julie von May von Rued, Gertrud Villiger-Keller)
  • Rita Gygax-Schwarz (Emilie Gourd)
  • Regina Hauenstein (Marie Speiser)
  • Susanne Held (Eugénie Dutoit)
  • Corinne C. Hofer (Helene Thalmann-Antenen)
  • Hofstetter-Sippe (Erna Hoch, Mina Hofstetter, Gertrud Lutz Fankhauser, Berta Rahm, Ida Somazzi)
  • Agnes Hohl (Helene Stucki)
  • Thomas Hopf (Helene Stucki)
  • Andrea Käser (Ruth Bietenhard)
  • Katrina Kemp (Emilie Gourd)
  • Kultureller Kreis L.z.H. (Mathilde Lejeune-Jehle, Kunigund Feldges-Oeri)
  • Denise Montandon (Marie-Louise Wild)
  • Béatrice Ribi (Erna Hoch)
  • Ursula Rösti (Annemarie Häberlin und Cornelia Moser)
  • Franziska Rogger und Beat Kappeler (Anna Tumarkin und Ida Hoff)
  • Sabine Rossow (Erna Hoch)
  • Barbara Ruf (Emilie Gourd)
  • Regula Schär (Mathilde Lejeune-Jehle und Marie-Louise Wild)
  • Monique Schlegel (Margrit Linck-Daepp)
  • Jürg Schwengeler, Oekopack Conservus AG (Emanuele Meyer-Schweizer)
  • Carmen Steimann (Margrit Linck-Daepp)
  • Liselotte Stricker Hopf (Gertrud Lutz Fankhauser)
  • Barbara Studer Immenhauser, Beat Immenhauser (Emilie Gourd, Ida Somazzi)
  • Brigitte Studer, Neuchâtel (Emilie Gourd)
  • Karin Sutter (Gertrud Lutz-Fankhauser)
  • SV Group AG, Patrick Camele (Else Züblin-Spiller)
  • SVP Kanton Bern (Lily Brugger-Blanc)
  • Henriette von Wattenwyl (Alix de Watteville, Anna von Wattenwyl, Carola von Wattenwyl, Eliza von Wattenwyl-de Portes, Katharina/Catherine von Wattenwyl, Vivienne von Wattenwyl)
  • Regina Wecker Mötteli (Elisabeth Thommen)

Thank you very much!

The Gosteli Foundation is recognised as a charitable organisation and donations are tax-deductible.

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