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Marthe Gosteli. Wie sie den Schweizerinnen ihre Geschichte rettete (Marthe Gosteli. How she saved the history of Swiss women)

Franziska Rogger

It is thanks to Marthe Gosteli that Swiss women can write their own history. She rescued the basic information required for doing this, and has for many years made the essential records on women and their associations available to the public at her private archives in Worblaufen. (Only available in German)


ISBN 978-3-7272-7903-4

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“Gebt den Schweizerinnen ihre Geschichte!”
(Give Swiss women their history!)

Marthe Gosteli, her archive, and the forgotten battle for women’s suffrage

Franziska Rogger presents the female world in a longitudinal study beginning in the 18th century. At the same time, she shows how Marthe Gosteli developed from being closely tied to her family to become an independent individual and committed campaigner for women’s suffrage. (Only available in German)


ISBN 978-3-03810-006-5

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Special issue on women’s rights to vote and be elected 
"Gerechtigkeit erhöht ein Volk" (Fairness improves a people)

A major concern for the Gosteli Foundation is to ensure that the crucial importance of the Swiss women’s movement also finds its rightful place in school lessons and other educational courses. The booklet "Gerechtigkeit erhöht ein Volk", 40 Jahre Frauenstimm- und -wahlrecht, intended for upper secondary school classes, aims to help achieve.

This special issue, which is available in German only, can be ordered for CHF 28.50 excluding postage.

ISBN 978-3-033-03287-3

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Vergessene Geschichte – Illustrierte Chronik der Frauenbewegung 1914–1963
(Forgotten history – an illustrated chronicle of the women’s movement 1914-1963)

The first comprehensive reference work on the women’s movement from the First World War until 1963.

This chronicle of the women’s movement from 1914 to 1963 first appeared in the “Jahrbuch der Schweizerfrauen“ (Swiss Women’s Almanac). Its texts cover important events in women’s history at national and international level. They show how numerous associations and their members have always played an important and critical role in politics, business, art and culture, and home and the family.

The editor, Marthe Gosteli, was determined that the women’s movement (probably the largest and most diverse social movement of the 20th century) should claim its rightful place in history as a whole.

Available (in German / French only) as a second unrevised edition, at the special price of CHF 60.-- excluding postage.


ISBN 3-7272-9256-3


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