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Gosteli-Stiftung - Archiv zur Geschichte der schweizerischen Frauenbewegung

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Helene Stucki

  • 1913 Qualified as secondary school teacher
  • 1916 Secondary school teacher at Monbijou Girls' School, Berne
  • 1928 Leader of the SAFFA (Swiss exhibition on women's work) Education Group
  • 1930 – 1939 Management board member of the BSF (Union of Swiss Women's Associations)
  • 1931 Internship in Vienna
  • Voted into the (women) Teacher's Seminar of the city of Berne for Educational Science, Psychology and Methodology
  • 1960 Retirement
  • Development of an educational program for child care workers at the Frauenschule Berne
  • 1965 made an honorary doctor of the city of Berne for her groundbreaking function in the services of girls' education and the training of (women) teachers
  • Joint founder of the "Swiss Women's Magazine "Schweizer Frauenblatt"
  • Honorary member of the BSF, the Berne Women's Centre and the Suffrage Society


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