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Gosteli-Stiftung - Archiv zur Geschichte der schweizerischen Frauenbewegung

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Archives of female individuals

Many unknown and well-known women keep history alive by their bequests to the Gosteli Foundation.
Do you know

  • The teacher Helene Stucki?
  • The painter and teacher at the Women’s Work School Bertha Zürcher?
  • The psychiatrist Erna Hoch?
  • The judge Irmgard Rimondini-Schnitter?
  • The financial scientist Salomé Schneider?

Records of these and many, many more women are kept in the Archives on the history of women in Switzerland.

Index and records

In the index you will find short descriptions of the archives, detailed search possibilities in the catalogue HAN and wherever possible, Search possibilities in PDF format.

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For a detailed description, click on the title.

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